How to develop hiring super powers

13 Apr 2023 - Frans Vanhaelewijck



Hiring the right people is an essential skill for any CEO, especially for growing businesses. It’s a bottleneck that can either make or break your company. In this blog post, we will discuss the process of setting up that first interview with a potential candidate, from selecting their CV to conducting the initial interview. Other steps like meeting the team and discussing the salary and contract will be covered in a later blog.

Remember, hiring is a delicate process, so it’s essential to follow the mantra: Hire slow, fire fast.

Step 1: Make the Call

Once you’ve selected a candidate’s CV, pick up the phone and give them a call. Ensure you ask if it’s a good time to talk and be flexible with your timing. During the call, inquire about their current job, what they’re looking for in a new position, and their motivations for considering a change.

Step 2: Schedule the Interview

If you feel there’s a potential fit, tell them you want to meet them in person. Schedule the interview by either setting a date and time on the call or sending them an invite to choose their preferred time slot.

Step 3: Prepare and Conduct the Interview

When the candidate arrives at your office, have a plan in place to make them feel comfortable. Start with small talk and show them around the office. Take them to the coffee machine and offer a drink before you start the interview. This helps them feel part of the work environment and gives you a glimpse of their personality.

Familiarize yourself with their CV, make notes and prepare questions in advance to show your interest in their background and skills.

Step 4: Switch from Hiring to Selling Mode

Once you’ve identified a strong candidate, shift your focus from hiring to selling your company. Develop a compelling story and create a master diagram on one piece of paper that you hand draw with the candidate during the interview. This diagram should include important aspects like the sales funnel, funding, and product roadmap. It should show the candidate where they fit in your organization and help them understand what your company stands for.

Step 5: Sell the Vision

Communicate the company’s values and goals clearly to the candidate. Explain how their skills and personality will contribute to your mission of improving your customers’ work lives. Share your company’s potential and sell the dream of being part of a dynamic, growing team. Remember, you want passionate and dedicated individuals on your team, not just those seeking a 9-to-5 job.


As a CEO, you have the unique advantage of knowing your company inside and out. Use this knowledge to attract top talent and build a team that shares your vision for success. It’s crucial for a CEO to personally spend time on hiring until the company reaches a certain size. With the right hiring process in place, you can develop the superpower of hiring the best people for your company, propelling you towards growth and success.